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        Here is the page where I answer some of the most common questions I get asked frequently.

        Q: Are you available on Date Blah Blah Blah
        I always answer these questions and reply back, If I am free on the date you have asked
        I will say YES, though If unfortunately I am already booked I will still reply to your email
        and most of the time I will have few other Photographers linked in the email that I highly recommend.

        Q: Do you Travel .
        Heck YES !! I love to travel, my friends and family actually call me a Gypsy as I can’t stay still and love wandering the planet.

        Q: How long does it take us to receive our package?
        Depending on the time of year, usually takes around 3-5 weeks. I do try and get them to clients as soon as possible..

        Q: Do you do Albums?
        Yes I sure do, I strongly encourage couples to get Albums as Images look so much more than just stored on a Hard drive or displayed on Facebook. Nothing beats printed images.

        Q: How can we book and lock you in ?
        Firstly I get a few details and then forward some documents for the couples to fill out, Question forms , contracts, and quote. Then after all these items are complete an invoice for a retainer of 30% will be emailed. Once all this is complete the day is all locked in..